Research & Development

We have a culture of innovation and have been successful helping partners with their specific packaging requirements. Through our vast experience and partnership approach we work with our customers and we can suggest every type of printing, lamination, coatings and many other finishing procedures. For each project we develop a structure that incorporates budget, timelines which ensures we achieve our end goal.

Production & Storage

As Retail Packaging Company we have all the necessary equipment needed for production of Shopping Bags and Giftbags. With our experienced staff and in house production line we can rapidly produce products at best quality. With our warehouse, our partners always have the option to those unplanned spikes in usage.

Financial Flexibility & Delivery

We can always provide a bit of financial flexibility. And also we can store extra packaging inventory for up to 2 months for free and ship your packaging. Our logistics team coordinates final delivery. If you have some time, ocean and truck transport can deliver real savings. On a tight schedule we can handle air too.

Quality & Labor Rights

We offer quality service guarantee by relying on the competences, loyalty and commitment of our staff members. We comply with requirements of the Labor Law and Occupational Health and Safety in EU. We also guarantee that; in none of our production processes including our supply chain we never allow presence child labor.